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Hey Friend!

I am Jami Amerine.  If you are here, I should let you know, this site is a landing page.  I had some trouble with someone stealing my words. Ugh.  So, we created this page so you can legitimately find me!  Welcome!  Love, Jami



You can read all my writing at Sacred Ground Sticky Floors!  There I put up tons of content about Jesus, marriage, family, parenting, cooking, home management, health, beauty, chronic illness, learning disabilities, foster care, adoption, launched, military babies and stuff I love!  Visit sacredgroundstickyfloors.com for all the goods!


Jubilee Road Podcast

Looking for my podcast?  You can find it by following this link!  I podcast with Rebecca Huff of That Organic Mom and you can trust us to do all the talking about all of the things!  Buckle up!  

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Looking for my ART!?!?

Visit Jami Amerine Studio https://jamiamerinestudio.comAnd be sure and ask me about custom work! 


Jesus Be all over Jewelry?

Then by all means!  Visit my Etsy shop here! 


I know, it is the Vandals you are looking for

Well, visit me on Facebook and Instagram for all their latest antics.  And subscribe to Jami Amerine Sacred Ground Sticky Floors on YouTube!  The Vandal Book Club is coming!

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